Hotel Restaurants & Facilities

Ever since the star rating system was devised for hotels in 1912, travellers have used the system to determine not only the overall quality of a hotel, but also its facilities and amenities. The more stars, the more facilities and amenities is the general rule.

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Hotel Restaurants 

Most larger hotels have at least one restaurant on the property, and studies show that having a restaurant on the site can attract more guests. The advantage is obvious - a restaurant, café or dining room down the hallway from your room is an easy and convenient way to enjoy a meal but without having to travel to get there. Another appeal of eating in the restaurant hotel is that the bill can simply be added onto the room bill, and in many top hotels, it can be safely assumed that the quality of the food is on a level with the quality of the accommodation. If you are visiting the south east London area and looking for some of the best restaurants bexleyheath hotels are home to several of them.

Room Service

However, for the ultimate in convenience, you should thank the famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York. It was the first to offer room service, allowing guests to have a drink, snack or a full meal delivered to their room any time of the day or night. Today, most of us take this service for granted, especially in more expensive hotels. However, hotels have also had to adapt to the changing needs of their guest, and many have started to offer quality pre-cooked meals that can be booked and paid for in advance and then picked up form the hotel lobby. This can be a huge cost savings for hotels, who no longer need to have kitchen staff on duty around the clock to provide room service.


Catering is not only convenient for guests, it's an easy way for hotels to make money, and catering for weddings, anniversaries or work events has become big business. The option of catering allows customers to do everything in one place; for example, a wedding ceremony and reception can both be held in the hotel, and the food can be catered on site too. Like everything else in the industry, catering has had to adapt to the changing demands of customers; more inventive and varied menus and healthier options are now commonplace on hotel catering tables all over the UK.